The Kinder Program Feels

Today was The Dude’s kindergarten program. The theme was Bugs, he was cast as an army ant. For months, they have been learning songs and practicing their choreography. For months, we have been practicing his coveted 4 speaking lines. We went over and over the lines, memorizing, slowing down our speech and speaking as clearly as possible. He even worked in a little comedy with a big pretend bite at the end of his statement. It has been a long time coming. The build up has been immense. The amount of excitement has been palpable. It was his breakout moment.

There was singing.

Dancing King

The handsome fellow next to him is Other Jack. They are very similar and yet very different. It has been a pleasure watching them go through Kindergarten together and we hope to know him for a long time!.

There was dancing.

army ant3

The Marching Ant song was doubly adorable until he noticed the sound equipment behind him. The boy is his father and is drawn to buttons. I held my breath until he refocused. Even his teacher admitted that she thought he was not going to be able to resist the urge mid-song.

And of course, his big moment!

Best Bite 2

Wait til they have their food in place. 

And they are sitting down just right.

Just when they say “How pleasant this is.”

Give them your very best bite!

Performing with the ants were lady bugs, lightning bugs, one adorable stinkbug who taught everyone a lesson on friendship, and butterflies. He warned me weeks ago that they would be singing a song about caterpillars changing into butterflies that “would make all the mommies cry”. Well, he wasn’t lying. Damn it with the feels. There wasn’t a dry eye in the cafeteria.

Afterwards, the parents joined the kinders for a picnic. Luckily it was dry. Shortly after we wrapped it up, the rain came and the rest of the day has been soggy. It was great fun to watch all these little people who have really grown and gotten to know each other this year run around and play in the field, sticky from celebratory ice pops. A good reminder that we are at a wonderful school.

The Dude’s year is coming to a close. I love watching my kids grow up but I am not a fan of the end of a grade. Between the friends they make, the things they learn, the experiences they have, and the bonds they create with their teachers, seeing that wrap up is almost too much to bear. It makes me sad. A chapter is ending, a new one will begin in a few months. These are the times that I want to hold on to but I know that I can’t and it leaves a weight in my chest. I am incredibly proud of him, my sweet brown-eyed boy. This year could have gone so many different ways for him, it was a gamble to put him in school so soon. But he begged and swore that he was ready. And he is right.

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