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I am currently working on posts about our end of year, our adventure over the weekend, and a series on each of the kids on top of the big announcement. But I wanted to note that today was our first true day of summer at home.

We actually slept in.The Dude staggered in around 7:30 which is 90 minutes later than normal. Moose had to fly out this morning but before he did, he bought us some doughnuts to start the week out right. OR because there wasn’t any food in the house. Whatever. They lasted about 5 minutes.

After he left, they kids went into catatonic states while I fussed around in the office. Screen time on the first day, tsk tsk…. I know but I had things to do. None of which I did but still, I tried.

After lunch, we put clothes on and prepared to enter the real world. Today, our library kicked off their summer reading program. I am all for free programs so we headed over there. Now believe it or not, we have never stepped foot in that library. And it’s been years since we really have used any library. I used to read all the time and even once Blondie was born, I loved all the programs the library offered. But for some reason (the boys), it has just not happened in a long time. But it is on our weekly to do list this summer and so today we walked up to the desk and asked for library cards. Everybody got one, I figured it is never too early for even Red to learn about the process. Once in hand, we went in to pick out our weekly stash. Blondie was in heaven and quickly disappeared in the older kids section. The boys and I wandered around, it took them a minute to grasp the concept.


Let’s all admire Red’s very first library pick

So we are now stocked on books for a week. And I think we did okay, so we should be welcomed back. They have been fairly busy checking out their reads all afternoon. I even managed to put together an office chair, ALL BY MYSELF. I would consider day 1 to be a success.

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