Month: July 2016

Saving Summer With Groupon Coupons

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This is a sponsored post. All views are 100% my own.




You guys. Summer is half way over. And I don’t know about you but my cash flow is taking a beating. Activities, supplies, adventures, food. Don’t even get me started on the food! And now school shopping is right around the corner. It is all so much.

Well, I have found an awesome to save. We all know about Groupon for the big stuff, trying new restaurants, fancy gadgets, salons, travel. But did you know about Groupon Coupons? Seriously, best thing ever. They offer thousands of coupon codes for the everyday stuff. And they are so easy to access, either from home or on your phone.

I am such a money-saving goof (you kind of have to be in a large one income family) but cutting coupons has alway been my downfall. And the paper ones you get in Sunday’s paper never get me far enough to really make it worth my time. Groupon makes it easy to search their offers. And just click and get. It’s fool-proof, which is exactly what I need. And they are deals we can really use. My favorite part is that a lot of these can be used online too and we all know I consider shopping in my pajamas to be a lifestyle.

Here are some of the stores currently featured but remember that there are so many more than I could possibly list.

  1. Barnes and Noble
  2. Starbucks
  3. The Disney Store
  4. Walgreens
  5. Target
  6. Kohl’s
  7. Michaels
  8. Best Buy
  9. Bed Bath and Beyond
  10. Snapfish

I am excited to see how many deals I can use for school shopping in the next month. Red may even get his very own brand new pair of shows.

Make sure you check them out at Groupon Coupons. They are also on Facebook and Twitter, follow them for their latest updates.

Let me know what deals you find! You can find me on Facebook at Never Drink From Mommy’s Cup, Instagram at neverdrinkfrommommyscup, and Twitter at @DrinkMom. Happy Savings!


Finding My Stride

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Just a short note. And yes, I know I always say that and it turns into an essay. Welcome to Copper’s brain.

A friend texted me yesterday to tell me that she was listening to and loving the podcast. I thanked her and mention that they are so much work but I really love what I am doing. She said, “I know you do.” Is it apparent? I think it might be. I hella love this.

I have been a little MIA and I know it. I post often on Facebook, IG (have you been checking out my July Challenge series?), and Twitter but it’s been a month since my last big blog post. But trust me, I have been here. As things got bigger and bigger, and they are, and I realized how happy I am doing this, I had to take a little step back. I want to do this. For a long time. And I want to do it right. I think blog and podcast all day long. I really jumped into both feet first, without any research. Without any structure. And that was beginning to get a little overwhelming. So I took a little step back while Heather was gone, did a bunch of reading, a bunch of listening, and a bunch of planning.

Things are falling into place. My numbers are growing. I am building websites and newsletters. I am branching out into different platforms. I am working on marketing myself (media kits and business cards, and conferences, oh my!). I am brainstorming and planning posts in advance. I am reaching out to other people in this field to learn, grow, and be heard. I am making money doing campaigns.

Wait, what’s that last one Copper? You heard me. Copper received her first campaign this week. And I want to talk about this for a second. Campaigns are basically sponsored posts. I have been debating doing them from the beginning. Honestly though, I kinda figured it wouldn’t even come up for at least a year. What company would want to rely on little old me to get the word out? Not to mention, do I want to be doing them? I love the personal touch of my blog, it is the whole point, and I was worried that I would lose that if I talked about products. It is a very fine line. So here is the deal. I am going to talk products from time to time. I hope that is okay. Talking products covers my overhead and allows me to continue doing this as much as I want to. But I promise you this. I will not become all sponsored blogs, all the time. And I will only do campaigns that I truly like. I will not lie to you all. I don’t see the point. Besides, most of you know me well enough that you will smell a forced post from a mile away. Copper thinks so and so’s fish sticks are delicious? Something smells “fishy” around here….. See what I did there? Now, Copper thinks so and so’s bloody mary mix is a must have in your fridge? Way more up my alley.

Okay now that we have covered that little bit of news, go check out my Instagram and Twitter accounts. They need some love and you won’t regret it.