Finding My Stride

Just a short note. And yes, I know I always say that and it turns into an essay. Welcome to Copper’s brain.

A friend texted me yesterday to tell me that she was listening to and loving the podcast. I thanked her and mention that they are so much work but I really love what I am doing. She said, “I know you do.” Is it apparent? I think it might be. I hella love this.

I have been a little MIA and I know it. I post often on Facebook, IG (have you been checking out my July Challenge series?), and Twitter but it’s been a month since my last big blog post. But trust me, I have been here. As things got bigger and bigger, and they are, and I realized how happy I am doing this, I had to take a little step back. I want to do this. For a long time. And I want to do it right. I think blog and podcast all day long. I really jumped into both feet first, without any research. Without any structure. And that was beginning to get a little overwhelming. So I took a little step back while Heather was gone, did a bunch of reading, a bunch of listening, and a bunch of planning.

Things are falling into place. My numbers are growing. I am building websites and newsletters. I am branching out into different platforms. I am working on marketing myself (media kits and business cards, and conferences, oh my!). I am brainstorming and planning posts in advance. I am reaching out to other people in this field to learn, grow, and be heard. I am making money doing campaigns.

Wait, what’s that last one Copper? You heard me. Copper received her first campaign this week. And I want to talk about this for a second. Campaigns are basically sponsored posts. I have been debating doing them from the beginning. Honestly though, I kinda figured it wouldn’t even come up for at least a year. What company would want to rely on little old me to get the word out? Not to mention, do I want to be doing them? I love the personal touch of my blog, it is the whole point, and I was worried that I would lose that if I talked about products. It is a very fine line. So here is the deal. I am going to talk products from time to time. I hope that is okay. Talking products covers my overhead and allows me to continue doing this as much as I want to. But I promise you this. I will not become all sponsored blogs, all the time. And I will only do campaigns that I truly like. I will not lie to you all. I don’t see the point. Besides, most of you know me well enough that you will smell a forced post from a mile away. Copper thinks so and so’s fish sticks are delicious? Something smells “fishy” around here….. See what I did there? Now, Copper thinks so and so’s bloody mary mix is a must have in your fridge? Way more up my alley.

Okay now that we have covered that little bit of news, go check out my Instagram¬†and Twitter¬†accounts. They need some love and you won’t regret it.



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7 Comments on Finding My Stride

  1. Super excited for you! Love your writing AND the podcast. Sharing things we love is what friends do anyway, and in a world so full of ALL THE OPTIONS it is helpful to hear from someone you trust that has actually tried something. I hear Fireball is looking for sponsors…

  2. Can’t wait! I didn’t even know you had a Podcast until this week! Summer is kicking my butt…but I’ll get caught up on all your happenings. Congrats!!

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