Month: February 2018

Saying Goodbye For Now

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The First Time Around

We like to say that Kingwood is a town so nice, we did it twice. My clan moved here once before, when we were a family of barely 4. Blondie was 3 and Dude was 3 months. I won’t sugar coat that first run here and say it was all rainbows and bunnies. But that was not the bubble’s fault. However, we found a stride here. Made friends here. Had Red and completed our family here. We moved to Florida two and a half years later and we were quite torn on leaving Texas .

Kingwood, Finding A Place To Call Home

Florida was great but when the opportunity arose to live where we wanted, it was an easy choice. And the right one. We found a neighborhood that feels like home. We made new friends quickly, along with the old. The kids grew up, the boys both started kindergarten at the same school. The school that became a second home for us. A school full of memories. A school where they flourished. This here is where lifetime memories are made.

Moose changed his path in Kingwood, leaving a company where he was stuck, overworked and never home. Literally, never home. Another company approached him a little less than a year ago and the rest is history. I personally made many strides here. Focusing on writing and discovering podcasting, 2 things that I never would have considered possible 5 years ago. While some friendships from before faded out, my core grew with new friends, forever friends, and I had become very content here in Texas. We all were very happy.

When Opportunity Knocks…

Which made this decision very complicated on many levels. I struggle to stir the pot when everything is going so well. However, we are not the type to let grass grow under our feet and the opportunity to live abroad is just too good to pass up. Our time here in Europe is once in a lifetime and we would have been fools to pass it up just because we were comfortable. I firmly believe, though I don’t know when, we will land back in Houston one day and that does make leaving easier. If only just a little.

It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

Yes, I just quoted Boyz II Men.

Saying goodbye will wear a person out and I apologize to many that in those last few weeks, I seemed to pull away versus spending as much time as possible with those around me. I can only handle so much. I kept it together as I attended school events, received hugs at every turn as if they were the last, and counted down the days with the family.

Really, I was content until the last day and only fell apart in the last 30 minutes that my kids were Roadrunners, bursting into tears as I walked into the school to sign papers and withdrawal them. Jackie hugged every adult as he walked down the hallway and multiple teachers teared up as goodbyes were spoken. I had to suppress a sudden urge to scream, “Nevermind!” as I ripped up the paperwork. My kids were in the very best hands there, loved even, and it was hard to push pause on that bond.

Our last night  in “The Wood Hood” ended up being more work than play. Luckily, throughout the day, several dear friends helped us out. They were indispensable and we are very grateful. There were tears throughout the day and a pretty intense sob session when it was time to say good-bye (including a surprising amount of snot). It was an intense day and not just because of the daunting amount of work that needed to happen.

Until We Meet Again

We will be back Kingwood! Perhaps in a year. Maybe a wee bit longer. You may not be where we come from but you are the town we call home.

Auf Wiedersehen.