Turning Seven

Last month, Red turned seven. He had a great birthday despite some iffy weather. Our plans to go and discover a new park were thwarted by rain. However he still got to choose his breakfast, chocolate pop tarts, opened lots of presents, lunch at Hard Rock Cafe and 4 layer chocolate cake with prank candles.

The Age of Seven

Seven seems to be a turning point for my kids. I witnessed Blondie and Dude both really cross the line and make huge leaps into growing up while they were seven. The independence kicks in along with a real ability to handle most things thrown at them with little help from me.

Both kids really picked up reading and writing . They started to truly grasp self care on a more regular basis. There was a huge shift in the amount of responsibility they were able to handle and their grasp of consequences and life choices really tightened up.

I notice with both older kids that this was the age where their need for me became less and less. Not just for the day to day needs, but also their need for affection and attention. Sure they both will occasionally snuggle up to me when I sit down but it is becoming more and more rare for them to search for hugs and cuddles. Don’t get me wrong, if I am passing out the love, they get in line but they do not initiate it nearly as often.

What About Red

Red has always been an enigma. He doesn’t fit into many boxes. He is highly intelligent although pretty lazy. We suspect he has known how to read for quite a while but he will not confirm no matter what we do to trick him. And why his teacher keeps telling me he doesn’t understand German while he stands behind her and winks at me. He has always known the difference between right and wrong but he often doesn’t care and does what he wants. Which is why when I walked downstairs and out the building this morning, I found that he wrote the word “Poop” in big chalky letters on the sidewalk to greet everyone¬† leaving for work.

That being said…

He has always been a mama’s boy minus about 6 months when he was 2 and he wanted his daddy 24/7. I call him Squish and he promises me he will never leave me. He scurries into your lap the second you sit down on the couch. I can still talk him into naps if I promise to curl up next to him and pet his nose. He still needs a bazillion kisses before bedtime and carries his dog-dog around. His hand always finds mine when we walk.

When Will It Change?

It’s coming, I know it is. I feel the shift already and I truly believe this birthday is the magic number. The thought of Red growing up anymore makes me incredibly sad. I love this age, I love him at the age. I am sure I will love him at the next¬† stage but this here will always linger in my heart. So please try not to judge when you see me catching sniffs of his hair. Or when I baby him just a little bit more than he needs to be. Be gentle with me, my baby is seven.



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