The Thing About Yesterday


I didn’t write yesterday.

I had several ideas pop up in my head. Some really great ones actually. But I didn’t write yesterday. That being said, I also didn’t fail yesterday. Sit down and pour yourself a drink because I am going to tell you why.


It was, once again, Friday. Holy crap, this was a doozy of a week. I think we have ran late all week long. The Time Change Hangover is a real thing people. It was delayed but we really felt the effects this week.

Emotions ran high this week, The good, the bad, and the really ugly. We laughed, we cried, and some of us wondered how bad we would look if we reenacted the movie “Under The Tuscan Sun”. Not the romance part, no one has time for that crap. Just the part where she runs away, buys a house in Italy by herself and eats a shit ton of pasta. Alone.

Did I mention alone? Sigh.

Needless to say, we barely crossed the finish line this week and I needed a break.


I had super high hopes yesterday morning that all would be done in good time. Such high hopes that I didn’t touch my computer. I sat on my couch and watched Brooklyn 99 all morning long. ALL.MORNING.LONG. True confession.

To be fair, I also finished the following to-do list.


-drank a pot of coffee

-grocery list

-started a loaf of beer bread

-drank the rest of the beer in the can because you can’t waste that

-maybe ate something. I don’t remember. It’s hard to believe by the size of my ass but sometimes I forget to eat. I am REALLY bad at the self care thing.

Mostly though, I laid on the couch, watching a show I have seen 100 times.

The irony of learning to bake once I have 5 bakeries within walking distance is not lost on me.


Much to the delight of my kids, I took the grocery list and ran through the store before getting the boys at 1 pm. At this point I am still feeling really awesome about my day and had no intention of skipping a post. I even took a picture on the way home for a possible topic.

But then the kids and I decided that such a chilly day called for hot cocoa and a Christmas movie. So for the next few hours, it was cuddles and Home Alone (everyone in that movie is a horrible person by the way, with maybe the exception of the pizza guy and John Candy).

At some point in time, the bottle of wine I had just bought called my name as I started a batch of homemade pierogis. You kinda need one to do the other. I should have known at this point that I wasn’t going to write but hopes were still drunk on a delicious bottle of Dornfelder.


Do you know where this is headed?

I got pretty tipsy.

Wine, wine, I love wine.


The pierogis were a success and the bread was beautiful. I made Chicken Marsala for dinner and it was a hit with the entire crowd. We were well fed and I was well hydrated.

At this point, I could have still wrote. But something happened. Red asked if I would cuddle some more on the couch. Sorry y’all. A cuddle with the kids will always take precedence over writing, every time. As he and I curled up on the couch, under a fuzzy blanket, I resigned myself to a failed day.


Was it really? Okay maybe. That being said, I had a good day. I did my favorite thing, which is nothing. I got stuff done. Cooked great food. Drank even better wine. Loved on my kids.

My soul was fed, my cup was full. If that is failure than I am okay with that. There is always tomorrow.

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