Tis The Cold Season

The cold has hit our house. No, not “Brrr” cold. The low key “I want to curl up and sleep for 2 weeks” cold. Blondie and I woke up achy, congested, with sore throats and runny noses. In hindsight, knowing what it is, I think maybe we weren’t the first to fall. Both boys were…difficult…last week. I did notice runny noses but to be honest, snot is pretty common with kids and I didn’t put two and two together.

Lazy Days

Luckily, it is Sunday. A relatively lazy day for us. We opted out of a park adventure and grabbed several hours of couch time together, relishing the peace and quiet while the boys were gone. Sipping on hot tea and coffee, we spent the afternoon watching Harry Potter movies.

Unfortunately a lost drone and some rain brought the men back much earlier than expected. So I had to step up my game and move from my ass groove to make some hot pretzels and cocoa. Later, I made up some quiches or torture pie, if you ask Red.

Because that is the thing that sucks about colds. You still have to function. You CAN function. It is the middle ground illness that leaves you feeling gross for days, constantly aware of when you can go to bed, down to the minute and not a moment sooner. Sure, you should be able to stay tucked away where you aren’t sharing the wealth. However, that is not how life works. Especially when you are a parent. People still need you.

Slightly Fevered Copper Idealogy

Now the flu. The flu is the better illness. You can quit being functional with the flu and no one bats an eye. Sure you will want to die but no one wants to be around someone that smells a little like vomit. You can just curl up in bed and fade in and out of consciousnesses while watching Friends reruns. Now that is the life.

Kids go to school and Moose rides public transportation, we are going to get sick. I mean, clearly healthy is the optimal situation but tis the cold season and germs are a reality. And I am just a girl, blowing her nose and popping Aleve, knowing she has 2 hours and 15 minutes until she can go to bed.


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