The End?

This morning, I stood at our living room window and waved as my children walked the path to school, yelling down one more time that I love them and I hope they have a great day. Just as I have every school day since we started here in Hamburg. And also for the last time, as Red walked off to school (The Dude and Blondie finished last week)

This afternoon, I picked him up. There were no parties. No staircase sing-a- longs. No groups of children on the playground playing as parents linger nearby, discussing vacations to the Baltic Sea or Mallorca. Nothing to indicate that school was done for the year except the large bags of art projects being dragged by the kids in the 4 or 5 classes that attended today.

I have so much to say about the last 4ish months. And I will say it. But not now. Now I will just say this. The end of the school year was like ending a professional fireworks show with like 3 sparklers, the really cheap ones. It is not the ending we wanted. But it was the ending we got. No lie, I am pretty sad. But what can you do?

You Know What’s Coming

Most of you have followed me long enough to know what I am about to say.


We are moving. Yes, again. What can I say, we don’t like staying put.

We have known for a few months that change was coming. The contract was expiring and we had been given a few choices: stay, new country, or back in the States. It was not an easy choice. We have really loved our time here in Germany, even with all of our struggles, and it was hard to say enough. To be honest, I am not even sure we made the right decision but we made the right decision for right now. We have a few issues (nothing bad) that would be best dealt with in our own country and when it came down to it, it was time to address those.

So…where to?

We are not returning to Texas. Yes, that has always been the plan. but the plan also said we would be gone no more than 12 months.

We aren’t very good at following the plan. Some might say we suck at it.

So anyway. In 2 months, we will be in Portland, Oregon. I won’t lie, we are pretty damn excited about this one. The PNW is absolutely incredible and has held a special place in our hearts since our short stint in Washington.

There is so much to be said and so much to be done, the move isn’t the only thing happening but for now, I just needed to say it. We are moving to Portland. There. It is official.

Time to start packing.

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