Month: March 2021

In The Cement

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We have been back in the states for 7 months this week and we are surviving. I wish I had more to add to that. However, if you saw my personal to-do list, you would know it is a lie of Maury proportions. I am in a constant state of bare minimums.

Some of that statement could be argued. We did moved back to the US during a pandemic. To a new city, which literally caught on fire about 5 minutes after we got here. We found a place to live, fairly quickly, in a market that is insane. I set up house using the basics that we brought back with us and what we could find in a country with limited resources. Seriously, do you have any idea how hard it was to even find a mop and cleaning supplies last summer?

I have been living in a small townhouse 24/7 with 4 other people, thankfully I really like them. But also, I have put myself on hold to homeschool 3 of them. Homeschooling is a hard job, y’all. Not just the planning and research but I am constantly trying to discreetly google what the hell an interjection is again while looking like I know. It is going extremely well though and I am low-key happy that they love it enough to continue. It is all worth it.

The reality is, if I get off my boo-hoo train ride, we are doing okay. More than just okay. Great, super, fabulous. We are masters at adjusting and acclimating and I would say that we are getting there.

Now, where’s that list?

Surviving is like being in cement. Honestly, you are just trying to keep you head above it and get to the edge before it hardens too much. Sometimes, that is where you are at and that is what it is. But you have to be careful because you can easily get stuck for too damn long if you let it take over. Luckily I am almost out, I can feel the edge.

Winter is over, figuratively and literally. Everyone around me is flourishing. While my work here is never done, I feel like I can maybe get back to me a little bit. I can put more energy into what I want to do and man, do I have a list.

This blog is at the top of it. It is going to start looking a little different. I am not totally sure where it is going to go but I suspect the scenery will change some. Stick around, it will be worth it.