Please Be Chocolate…..

A week ago, I was doing the typical “Holy shit, Moose is on his way home. Let’s try to make it look like we are atleast a bit productive and not huge pigs when he is gone.” straightening of the house. In the kids bathroom I was wiping a week’s worth of toothpaste off the counter (how flipping hard is it to get it on the toothbrush?) when I noticed a brown thumbprint on the cold water controller thingy. “Oh….please be chocolate..” I said to myself. And it hit me. That’s the name. The name I have been looking for. I have been sitting on the idea of doing this, writing, for a long time. The thing that kept me from it, or atleast what I tell myself, is I didn’t have a name that properly described my life, my thoughts, my moods, my kids, the unexplained stains on my furniture.

Back to last Saturday, me standing in the bathroom staring at the sink. The reality is the stain on the cold water thingy could have been chocolate or it could have been poop. The Dude had been in there recently to wash his hands after I snuck him a chocolate covered pretzel. But then again, both boys are in the learning to wipe their own butts phase and quite frankly, it doesn’t always go well. It could have been poop. There was a high probability that it was poop. Can we just celebrate that they are atleast washing their hands? It is gone now, sprayed with a crap ton of bleach cleaner and replaced with toothpaste fingerprints. Seriously, what the hell is with the toothpaste abuse?

Please be chocolate is something I mutter to myself no less than twenty times a day. It isn’t always about actual chocolate vs poop, atleast not as much as when the kids were younger. It is about good vs bad. There is a lot of both in life and I try my best to not pretend otherwise. I promise to share both as I have always done.

With that maybe chocolate (but most likely poop) fingerprint, a concept has become clearer to me. And I am going to run with it. Hopefully you will join me. Hopefully you will share this so it will grow. It won’t always be about the kids, it won’t always be about me. It will be about life viewed through my eyes. It won’t always be perfect so be kind and forgiving. Or atleast respectful.

I will be referring to the family by their nicknames for their own privacy. Many of you know them but still, I would prefer to leave it at Moose, Blondie, The Dude, and Red. Especially in case this gets bigger for which I have no expectations of but still….just in case it turns out to be chocolate.

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13 Comments on Please Be Chocolate…..

  1. This has been needing to happen for a long long time!! So glad you decided to write down the adventures your family has! Can’t wait for more!!

  2. Yay! I love that you have decided to share you crazy amazing sense of humor and hilarious day-to-day with everyone .

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