Starting It Off With A Blast!

Our last day of school was Thursday.We made it. By the hair on our chins. Not the kids, they had an AMAZING year, but Moose and I as parents. Adulting is so freaking hard.

Last Day of School

Bring it 1st and 4th grade! And don’t forget your little buddy, Pre-K!

As soon as we got their sweet tushes off the bus, we headed north to Dallas. My nephew graduated from high school on Sunday and we were ready to celebrate his awesomeness. The drive was wet. Really Texas, we are over the rain. Our kids are excellent road trippers but Red for some reason, wasn’t having it. About every 5 minutes for 4 and a half hours, we heard about how long it was taking to get to his Aunt Kisses.

Moose has more points than any one person should and so we stayed at a hotel. The kids LOVED the fact that they got to see how daddy lives. But not as much as they loved jumping on beds and Texas shaped waffles.

bed jumpers

Two little monkeys jumping on a bed…

Friday was family day. So we got up early and rode the rails. My nephew is passionate about trains and actually works on one that runs between Grapevine and Fort Worth. On certain mornings, they do an hour-long run that is perfect for kiddos. He wasn’t working on Friday but came along anyway to show us around. And to earn some cool points with the kids, as if he needed it. They love their Cousin Ben. Aunt Gwen (the keeper of the candy) and my sisters’ dad, Grandpa Bob came along as well. We had a blast.

Train Collage

Who knows what Blondie and Grandpa Bob were talking about but it looks like it was funny.

Grapevine has a Legoland Discovery Center, we decided to hit that after some lunch. Ben stayed with us. I adore that boy and was super happy to hang with him all day! He leaves for Kansas in a few months and it will be weird to not have him so close by. We will take any time with him that we can get.

PicMonkey Collage

This place is cool ! And look, a store on the way out!

That evening was spent messing around. What the kids don’t know yet is that this buggy is theirs, Uncle Mark found it awhile back at a garage sale and knew they had to have it. Watching them figure out how to drive it was interesting but they will get so much fun out of this bad boy.

messing around

The Dude’s belly flop dive attempt hurt to look at but he did just fine!

Saturday was a tornado of activity. Ben had a great graduation open house, tons of food and friends. We ended the night around the fire pit, eating hot dogs and s’mores with our nieces, Ben, and their friends. This is a great group of kids.


I told them to look natural.

Unfortunately we had to leave early on Sunday so Moose could fly out and we missed the ceremony. But I heard he did great! We could not be more proud of him. Ben has Aspergers and it isn’t always easy for him. But he is a hard worker and has a crap ton of tenacity. He is choosing a career to follow along side his passions and for that, I am excited (and a little jealous) for him. Moving so far away from home isn’t easy for anyone but I have a sneaky suspicion that he will do great!


You can’t road trip in Texas without stopping at Buc-ees!


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