Is It A Habit Yet?

Keep dreaming of that book money and your dream house, girl.

You guys. We are on day seven! I have officially wrote more blog posts in the last week than I have wrote in the last two years. That makes me crazy sad. I have so much to tell you! But short little bursts on Facebook and Instagram are so much easier than the effort it takes to write here. And like I have said so many times before, I am super lazy.

Moose asked me when I announced this challenge if I had several posts in the bag to do this. First of all, if I had posts in the bag I wouldn’t need this to work on me. Secondly, the whole point is to write every day. To get words on paper. Or hard drives, if you will. So while the temptation to write ahead is strong, I will not do it. That means a serious commitment daily to do this.

The Struggle.

The process of putting out these posts is really hard. Sometimes I know exactly what to write about, it flows quickly off my finger tips, a few tweaks later and a post is done before lunch here. Other days, I sit on the couch at 9 pm, computer in my lap. struggling to focus enough to even write a title. Yesterday, I got half way through one topic before I decide to ditch and talk about Red instead. It was after midnight here when I hit publish.

My other struggle is that the posts are not perfect. I have to accept every single day that the challenge is to put a post out daily. NOT to create a perfect post. That will perhaps be my next goal but for now, it is all about the daily word count. Because that will be the first step in my next journey. More than likely, my writing will improve as I edge my way closer to the 30th. It has to, right? Practice makes perfect. But for now, you get what you get. And by the way, thank you all for continuing to read these posts in all their imperfect glory!

What Will Happen on December 1st?

This has been asked a few times and short answer is, “I don’t know.” It’s really too far out to be carving in that stone just yet. I do know that the daily posts will likely stop. They take hours a day and they will have hopefully served their purpose. That purpose will start needing that precious time.

Perhaps though, I will have a plan in place to continue them on some level. Maybe 2 posts a week? If I have learned anything so far about myself, it is that I was waiting for grand ideas to write about. I was wrong. I have missed out on many great stories because of that and I am sick of that. Some of these essays may even be stepping stones in the book, so who am I to judge their importance before I even write them down?


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